THE near mythic godfather of the North Wales music scene is back with a punk polemic aimed squarely at the squares and non-punks.

Neil Crud and his fellow Spam Javelin bandmates Tracey Howarth and Llion Broadbent have offered up lead single Fake News for free to the masses, heralding their eagerly anticipated new album The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon on Monday, July 8.

Originally from Denbigh, the ubiquitous fixture of any and all worthwhile gigs across the coast and the North West - as well as a Tudno FM DJ and link2wales impresario – Crud has funnelled three decades of experience with storied punk bands The Sons of Selina and 4Q into three minutes of protest skewering both mass and social media.

Crud said: “Pillars are there to knocked down, Rules are there to be broken. They say that the meek shall inherit the Earth, well they don't, they just update Facebook.

“For me, 4Q were plain awful, but a good laugh. Sons of Selina were bloated musically, too self-indulgent. The power and aggression of Spam Javelin excites me.

"The band is an outlet - a safety valve to release anger - but in a fun way."

The result is three of this powerful aggression minutes of quiet/loud, high energy fun.

Stripping down the classic – and oft unfairly derided – three chord song structure of punk beyond what could be thought the bed rock of simplicity, Fake News excels in a single chord replicating the sound of a printing press churning out the band's alternative headlines of alternative messages of “You gave us Facebook, just to take our minds”.

Often stepping beyond mere snarl, Spam Javelin have crafted a one chord a cold bucket of water to the face for anyone who followed the herd and took on the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for all the wrong reasons.

Crud added: "Our punk rock friends Eastfield from Oswestry have three chords for every song - the same three chords in the same sequence! - so we thought we'd go two-up on them and write a song with one chord."

While Fake News is certainly incensed and inflamed lyrically, there’s nevertheless something undeniably chilling about the precise vocal delivery and the uncomfortably relentless insistence on the one chord form.

This is strikingly evident in supporting promo video for the single, which updates the monochromatic propaganda of John Carpenter's They Live with a Facebook stylee colour palette.

If the stark, black and white is the hallmark of Carpenter's film, the austere use of a single chord certainly adds the same, clear cut power to the band's nevertheless tongue in cheek truth.

However, rather than falling prey to the droning experience one often finds with constant status updates and tweets on social media, the sound is gloriously supported by the driving base of Glan Conwy’s former Bonzai Massacre bassist Howarth and drums from ex-Something Personal’s Broadbent.

Fake News is available to download now from, while the upcoming album will be available on vinyl, cd and download from

To support the release, the band play The Skerries in Bangor on Friday, July 5 before heading stateside for five shows and playing The Marine in old Colwyn on Old Colwyn is at The Marine on Saturday, August 17.