FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford has been hearing how Farmers’ Union of Wales members are attempting to plan for an uncertain future against a background of complete uncertainty in relation to Brexit, imminent changes to farm support and misguided attacks on the industry.

The at the union’s grand council took place on Monday.

Farmers from all over Wales converged on Aberystwyth to hear what the First Minister has to offer as a lifeline for Welsh agriculture and the rural economy.

Ahead of the conference, FUW managing director Alan Davies said: “The vision of the FUW is to ensure thriving, sustainable family farms in Wales, and at our staff conference... we discussed the key challenges facing our industry over the short and long term.

“There are many issues that are outside the control of Mr Drakeford and the Welsh Government, such as the Brexit negotiations, and I’m glad that the views of the FUW and the Welsh Government are very much aligned when it comes to the need to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union in order to protect the Welsh economy, Welsh jobs and our agricultural industry.

“We are eager to hear from Mr Drakeford directly on how, against a background of uncertainty, the Welsh Government can ensure stability for our industry rather than adding to the turmoil that we may face in the coming months and years.”

FUW president Glyn Roberts has called on Mr Drakeford for good governance to protect the family farms of Wales.

"The Welsh Government must ensure stability for our industries and avoid at all costs moves that would add to the turmoil our family farms are likely to face in the coming months and years as a result of Brexit," said Mr Roberts.

"We have been encouraged by the Welsh Government’s recent response to last year’s Brexit and our Land consultation, and look forward to the next consultation paper.

"But I emphasise that if, through design or accident, what is brought forward in Wales does not echo the EU support for farmers, this would be a complete travesty for our nation and devolution."