A NORTH Wales theatre troupe is keeping in step with the West End with its latest performance in Rhyl.

Powerplay Musical Theatre Company will debut its take on ‘Relaxed’ performances, designed for children and adults with autism and additional requirements, with an inclusive performance of the colourful performance of Seussical at the Pavilion on Friday, August 2.

While the story of children’s author Dr Seuss themed show remains the same, the production will feature softer stage lighting and sound effects - including removing pyrotechnics and loud noises - to cater to people with sensory sensitivities.

Amy Fenwick , owner, teacher and creative director of Powerplay, said: “With Seussical being a fun, colourful and energetic musical for all the family it made me want to organise our first relaxed performance to be able to include every child, and every adult- as Dr Seuss said “a person’s a person no matter how small “

“I know that many productions in the West end are currently offering relaxed performances when they can and I wanted to be able to offer the same to our community.”

As well as slight changes to the production of the musical, audiences members are freer to move around and make noise and there will also be a ‘chill out area’ in the foyer for anyone overwhelmed by the show.

The Powerplay performers will also be bringing out some of the characters to meet the audience to help ease them into the show and help with familiarity.

James Pagett, who will be playing The Cat in The Hat , said: "I’m so happy about our relaxed performance of Seussical as I feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the arts and feel at ease in a happy friendly environment.

"It’s quite special for me personally as I work with individuals with Autism on a daily basis and know how much fun and enjoyment they would get out of a trip to the theatre.

"I know that the individuals I support will be in the audience and that will make the performance more special."

To help aid the performance the students - who travel from across Conwy and Denbighshire to the Llandudno based company - a day for learning about the relaxed performance and various additional requirements.

Ms Fenwick added: “As a producer there is no obstacle I would not overcome to make this possible and I feel so strongly about it. The technical side need a extra rehearsal and planning but will be worth it.

“My students are always taught that audience responses in any form are just their way of showing appreciation so I have no doubt in my mind that this will be an uplifting and amazing experience for all of us

“Powerplay are now hoping to be able to do more in the future and are hoping more amateur and professional companies offer these experiences too as a result. “

Seussical runs from Thursday, August 1 to Saturday 3. Tickets for the relaxed showing are £10, available from rhylpavilion.co.uk or by calling the box office on 01745 330000.