EVEN for the patron saint of prom queens, it’s not every day you get the nod of approval from one of fashion’s biggest names.

In a twist on the Cinderella story, it was the turn of fashion fairy godmother Ally Elouise to go to the ball when she was invited to share the BBC’s The One Show couch with haute couture titan Jean-Paul Gaultier –alongside presenters Matt Baker and Mel Giedroyc - who praised her selflessness and even offered to donate a dress or two to the cause.

Miss Elouise, 24 of Penrhyn Bay, has helped more than 200 young adults across the UK go to the ball through her charity Prom Ally, which has been ran from her grandmother’s spare room since she purchased her first gowns with money from her 21st birthday.

North Wales Pioneer:

Ally Elouise shares The One Show couch with Matt Baker, Mel Giedroyc and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Picture: BBCi player/ The One Show

Miss Elouise said: “The whole experience was incredible - I was very star struck.

“I actually knew Jean Paul Gaultier was going to be there a few days before the show so I looked through all of my clothes trying to find an outfit that would impress him. He actually complimented my tartan dress live on the show which was awesome.

“He’s such a huge fashion icon and I love his designs and his fragrances anyway so meeting him in person was crazy! He was already going to be on the show to promote his Fashion Freakshow tour but they thought it would fit really nicely having us on together.

“I had no idea he was going to offer to donate dresses that cane as a total surprise on air.”

The philanthropic fashion fanatic was invited onto the show, on Monday June 24, to make the 300 mile journey to Dunfermline to meet Leila, one of the recipients of one of the charity’s dresses, on the eve of her prom.

Miss Elouise added: “The One Show producers found out about Prom Ally after deciding to talk about the rising cost of prom and Googling if there was any help out there.

“I was so excited when they approached me, but a lot of planning went into it so I actually had to keep it under wraps for weeks and weeks while it went from researchers to producers.”

The charity - which was one of the only ones of its kind in the UK when Miss Elouise first set it up in 2015 - has also earned its founder interviews on Sky News and BBC Breakfast in the same week.

Miss Elouise said: "Going on the One Show, Sky News and BBC Breakfast last week was so fun and glamorous, but the main reason I did it was to promote Prom Ally and what I do in the last few weeks of prom season to help as many teens as possible

"These interviews and meetings are surreal and amazing but nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone in their time of need."

North Wales Pioneer:

Ally Elouise, centre, with her models at the Venue Cymru fashion show in April

Following a successful fashion show fundraiser in April featuring Britain's Next Top Model winner Chloe Keenan at Venue Cymru -which raised £1,039 - and support from Colwyn Bay Town Council, Miss Elouise is now in the process of securing a storage unit to relocate more than 2,000 garments from her grandmother's house.

She will also launch an 'Eco Wardrobe after prom season, for anyone to hire a dress for a small fee, expanding Prom Ally's services beyond charity hires to teens who are financially struggling.