Plans for 20 new flats in the centre of Llandudno are set to be shot down next week.

Members of Conwy’s planning committee meeting on Wednesday will discuss an application convert the old Neville Hotel site into flats.

This application relates to the site on a corner position at the junction of

Augusta Street, Vaughan Street and Oxford Road in Llandudno, opposite the train station.

It seeks planning permission to turn the public house into flats and to build  building to form 20 apartments and associated works on its car park.

But planning officers have recommended that councillors refuse planning permission for the application unless flood risk and highway concerns raised by Natural Resources Wales and Conwy’s Highways Officer are resolved to the satisfaction of the Development and Building Control Manager within four weeks of the committee’s decision.

The plans would see the existing mixed use building used for nine apartments.

A building would also go up to provide 11 flats at the site.

The 20 flat development would be made up if one one bed, 17 two bed and two three bed apartments.

However, Natural Resources Wales, has raised “significant concerns regarding flood risk” writing to the council to say it needed further assurances about the modelling work on the threat of flooding.

Llandudno’s town council has also objected to the plans over the flooding issue, a perceived lack of parking and the design of the new building.

It said: “The building nearest the railway station appears to fit with the surroundings but the building next to it seems too ad-hoc.”

Councillors will discuss the application when they meet on Wednesday at Bodlondeb.

A report to members of the committee concluded: “The application does not demonstrate full policy compliance with regard to flood risk and highway impact, in accordance with the consultee advice. Officers recommend

that the application should be refused unless these matters have been addressed to the satisfaction of the Development and Building Control Manager.”