MEMBERS of the Llandudno Rugby Club have re-iterated their desire to fence off the ground this week after one of their players suffered an injury whilst training.

During a training session held on July 2, Morgan Owen caught his hand on a piece of glass which had been left on the field.

It is not the first time the club has been affected by acts of littering and vandalism - used needles have also previously been found on the pitch.

That is why the committee are keen to see the area on Maesdu Road fenced off, in order to try and keep players as young as six years old safe from further injury.

Llandudno Rugby Club chairman Robbie Shields said: "This is one of the main reasons we requested planning permission for fencing the recreational playing area

"We want to safeguard the juniors and senior Rugby players and the community as a whole, from irresponsible individuals."

Conwy Council's Planning Committee voted in favour of erecting a fence around the ground, despite opposition from residents and some councillors. Mr Shields says the club now intends to install CCTV there too.

"We hope this will make it easier to identify the culprits, especially with the help of all the residents who surround the area," he added.

"Sadly, there have been drug related deaths in a nearby residential community over the past eight months and therefore we have to grasp the situation by the horns and ensure that our community works together to tackle these problems.

"We have witnessed some unbelievable behaviour. As all law and social agencies are stretched to the limit ,we have to act in a sensible manner to assist them and protect club members and the community ,even though some residents cannot agree with that".