A SPONSORED walk around Llandudno Bay has raised more than £235 for Diabetes UK Cymru.

The walk, held on Sunday July 7, covered two miles of the historic Victorian promenade alongside Llandudno’s popular North Beach.

Around 50 supporters took part, including members of the Llandudno Cricket Club and 12th Llandudno Brownies.

This included Diabetes UK Cymru volunteer Colin Price and his daughter Jessica, 9, who has Type 1 diabetes.

Jessica was diagnosed at 18 months old, after her parents noticed she was sleeping more heavily and was thirsty all the time.

Colin said: “Jessica had all the signs of Type 1 diabetes that we then did not know. She was tired and drinking more but it was a hot summer and the doctor was not overly concerned.

"A few days later, things had not improved and we took her to Llandudno General Hospital who quickly sent us to the Children’s Ward at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. One simple blood test showed the doctor all they needed to know. Six days later we left Glan Clwyd to a very different life.

“Jessica has ups and downs but in general, and especially as she hadn’t known a life without diabetes, she takes it in her stride. The interruptions at night can mean tired mornings, but our whole family’s life changed immeasurably when she started using a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Her school, Ysgol San Sior, has also been a great support."