ABERCONWY MP, Guto Bebb will not be standing for the Conservative Party at the next election.

He has become critical of the direction the party is heading in and said it seems intent upon appealing to a certain type of English nationalism.

Mr Bebb, who has represented Aberconwy since 2010, said: “The Conservative Party I joined and supported was on a fantastic journey in Wales and the UK between 2003 and 2015. I was proud to support the modernising efforts of David Cameron and the real strides made by the Welsh Conservatives.

“This was a party intent in Wales on challenging the perception that we were simply the English Party in Wales, and at an UK level intent on challenging for power from the centre ground of politics.”

Mr Bebb added: “With regret I am no longer of the view that the party is focused on embracing the centre and seems intent upon appealing to a narrow base not least through the prism of a certain type of English nationalism.

“Such narrow English nationalism is represented by the Brexit Party, a Brexit Party that was recently embraced at the European election by far too many of our own members.

“The leadership campaign fought between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt has doubled down on this narrow vision. I believe that the Conservative Party is both bigger and better than the narrow parochialism espoused by both candidates.

“I will continue to serve the people of Aberconwy whilst I remain the MP. I will also continue to argue my position on issues that are important to me from within the Conservative Party. But I cannot, with good conscience, seek the nomination of this Conservative Party to represent Aberconwy in the future, based on the policy platforms articulated during this leadership campaign.