THEY are often placed far down on the list of the most wanted pets, below dogs and cats, hamsters, rabbits and even snakes. But animal carers at a rescue centre in Conwy want to prove that ferrets do not really get the love they deserve.

RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen wants to find homes for four of the small-eared furry mammals – Lenny, Barney, Moe, and Carl – whose former owner could not look after them due to a change in circumstances.

Ferrets spend up to 75 per cent of their time asleep and when awake they are lively and curious. They are sociable and like to test newfound objects with their teeth – including human hands before they learn to be handled – and can live in pairs or groups without aggression.

Male ferrets, called ‘hobs’, and female ferrets, named ‘jills’, make a range of noises; hissing and chuckling when they play, grumbling when they forage, and even screaming when they are fighting or scared. They also use scent to mark their territory and postures to communicate with each other.

However Victoria Williams says the four ferrets at the Conwy centre “have their own unique characters”.

“Lenny, Barney, Moe, and Carl really are full of fun and are friendly - they would make a lovely family pet. They all have their own unique characters and staff at the centre would love to see them go to new forever homes.

“The ferrets are aged around two years old and have been vet checked, microchipped, neutered and vaccinated. They are all currently housed by themselves but once their neuter wounds have fully healed centre staff are sure that they will all be able to live with other ferrets.”

Ferrets need a large indoor cage and time outside each day to explore, though they can live outdoors in groups in a large enclosure.

If you would like to meet the ferrets, visit RSPCA Bryn-Y-Maen in Upper Colwyn Bay between 11am-4pm every day except Wednesday. Alternatively, speak to a member of staff by calling 0300 123 0745.

For advice on ferret welfare and pet care, visit