PLANS to protect Llandudno from flooding, which could cost as much as £20 million, have been seen by more than 800 people.

A drop in session has been held giving various options to protect both the town’s North and West Shores. The session was arranged by Llandudno Coastal Forum and Conwy County Borough Council.

A spokesperson for the council said: “With anticipated sea level rise of more than 700mm within the next 100 years predicted, , and climate change an accepted phenomenon, the council needs to invest significantly in our coastal defences.

“Llandudno is vulnerable to future coastal flooding on both North and West Shores and the council has engaged consultants to identify solutions to this impending risk.

“At North Shore several options were presented to the public which would increase flood resilience and improve amenity by increasing the height of the existing secondary sea defence wall, and the provision of a sandy beach/groyne system on certain parts of the frontage.

“At West Shore the options included extending the existing sea wall, addressing windblown sand and maintenance of the existing beach levels.

“Funding for any possible construction schemes would have to be approved by the Welsh Government who would contribute a maximum of 75 per cent of the construction costs whilst the remaining 25 per cent would come from Conwy County Borough Council and/or the private sector.

“Depending on the approved scheme, the works at North Shore could cost between £1m and £17m, whilst at West Shore the potential construction schemes would cost in the region of £2.7m.”

When the consultation is completed the consultant will finalise the outline business case which will be presented to the council’s cabinet, and if approved eventually to the Welsh Government.

The spokesperson added: “If the outline business case shows a scheme is economically viable and that construction is needed in less than seven to 10 years, we would expect the project to move to a full business case. This would include environmental surveys, detail design of the preferred scheme(s) and public consultation on the detail design.”

Cllr Greg Robbins, who is vice chairman of Llandudno Coastal Forum, said: “The drop in session was very successful. All of the options provide valid ideas for the future protection of Llandudno.”

“ It would be ideal to see amenity in the form of a sandy beach, included in the final scheme.

He added: “The sea defences we have are currently adequate, however they will not be moving forward. This gives us the ideal opportunity to put in place defences and amenity solutions for the next 100 years.”