LANGUAGE group Cymdeithas yr Iaith made the case to introduce a new body to improve the presence of Welsh online during the National Eisteddfod.

On Tuesday, those backing the plans gathered at the group’s tent to put ideas forward on how to improve the language’s “current lack of visibility” online.

In a paper launched at the Eisteddfod on Tuesday, Cymdeithas outlined proposals to establish a “Menter Iaith Ddigidol”, calling for a substantial budget to reflect urgency and scale of the task.

Their main aim is to “increase opportunities to see, hear, create and use the Welsh language across online platforms.”

Spokesperson Heledd Gwyndaf said: “The Welsh language is invisible on the web, and this new body is urgently needed.

“”As a mother and someone who has worked with young people, it’s blindingly obvious there are serious gaps in the Welsh content on YouTube and online generally. The new body will have the opportunity to identify needs such as more content, promote it and create new platforms.”