THE new candidate for Plaid Cymru in the next general election is calling for a pact with other Remain backing parties.

The party has selected Elfed Williams, a director of the CADMHAS mental health charity, who describes himself as a “staunch Remainer” candidate to stand against current Clwyd West MP Conservative David Jones in the event of a general election this autumn.

Mr Williams is calling for Green Party and Liberal Democrat voters, as well as Remain backing Labour voters, in Clwyd West - which covers Abergele, Kinmel Bay Colwyn Bay and Ruthin - to vote for him to have the best chance of electing a Remainer MP. This arrangement is similar to a pact between the parties that handed Jane Dodds of the Liberal Democrats the Brecon and Radnorshire seat in the August 1 by-election.

Mr Williams,of Ruthin, said: “For the next election, I will be asking people to put party allegiance aside and to lend me their support should a General Election be called in the next few weeks or months.

"The main focus of this election if it is held will be Brexit. In the last European elections in Conwy and Denbighshire, the local authorities in which the seat of Clwyd West sits, Plaid Cymru was clearly the party of choice for those wishing to vote for a Remain, coming a second to the Brexit Party but well ahead of the Liberal, Labour and Green Party.

“Whilst the Liberals and Greens have a core vote in Clwyd West they are not strong enough to challenge for the seat. I would ask those that would usually vote for Labour, Liberals or the Green Party to support me to make sure a true remain MP is sent to London from Clwyd West with a clear message that we want to stay in the EU.

“Brexit will have a devastating on our economy.

“This was brought home to me the other day watching a cheese maker discussing the effects leaving EU will have on his business. People forget the UK will not only face tariffs from Europe but also more tariffs from other countries around the world.

“This cheese maker exports large blocks of cheese to Canada, usually costing the purchaser £500 but because of the tariffs that will be imposed when we leave, that block of cheese will cost £1200. Leaving the EU will have a devastating effect on our food, farming and manufacturing businesses.”

As well as his stance on Brexit, Mr Williams is also standing on a platform that aims to address the Government’s Austerity policy by calling for more spending on the health service - with particular focus on mental health provisions and a lack of beds at the Ablett psychiatric unit at Glan Clwyd Hospital.

He will also seek investment in public transport and road links in North Wales, address electricity and water rates in Wales and call for a proposal for a Colwyn Bay Lagoon barrage that will provide jobs, flood defences and green energy.

Mr Williams added: "We are paying too much for our electricity and water. Wales is the fifth biggest exporter of electricity in the world but in Wales on average we pay £50 more per household than they do in London. We export more water than we use but again we pay nearly £70 more per household than they do in London.

"Whilst politicians in London are making a mess of Brexit our environment is in crisis and we need to start taking this seriously."