THREE year old Cora Evans was overwhelmed with joy at a coming home party at Glan Conwy football club after life changing surgery.

The Glan Conwy and Llanrwst communities along with people from further afield raised £65,000 for Cora, to have surgery not available on the NHS, to help her walk. Cora suffers from spastic diplegic cerebral palsy which caused tension in her leg muscles putting them into constant spasm which meant she couldn’t stand or walk unaided.

Her mother Karen said: “Like me Cora was overwhelmed with joy when she went into the party, it was all completely unexpected. All her friends were there as were lots of people from the communities in Glan Conwy and Llanrwst.

“Party entertainers Garden Den came from Prestatyn and they did it free of charge. They dressed up as characters including Elsa and Anna from the film Frozen and princesses and superheroes, and there was also someone who was breathing fire and someone provided a sweet cart for the children.

“We are so grateful to all then people who contributed and for the tremendous support they’ve given to Cora. They took her to their hearts.”

Karen added: “Cora was in the operating theatre for five hours at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and then spent six days in hospital before having two weeks of intensive physiotherapy.

“She is still very weak it will be two years before she is fully rehabilitated during which she will have four days physiotherapy every week, then she should be able to walk much better.

“The fundraising campaign raised £65,000 in just six months for the medical treatment which was not available on the NHS in Wales, and the continuing physiotherapy and support. A lot of the contributions came from people in Glan Conwy and in Llanrwst, where I and my partner come from, also from further afield and work colleagues.”