A PENRHYN Bay shop owner has spoken out after two members of staff were threated in a knife raid.

The robber, apparently carrying a Stanley knife, forced staff of Broadway newsagents to the ground and took the contents of the till. This is the third time the shop has been targeted in 10 years. Police are making an appeal for witnesses to the robbery.

Mr John Parkinson, the shop’s owner said: “On Monday night two members of staff were in the shop. A man came into the shop and was covered up so he couldn’t be recognised. He waited until the shop was empty and grabbed a member of staff from behind, she struggled and was knocked to the ground.

“The other member of staff came into the shop and the man grabbed him and forced both members of staff behind the counter. He made the woman lie down and the man open the till, he then made the man lie down. He appeared to have a Stanley knife. He took the money in the till, which wasn’t a lot, and ran away.

“This is the second similar incident within 15 months and the third in 10 years. The police caught both of these culprits. There is no deterrent. The system needs changing. The police have been absolutely exemplary and have spent a lot of time on this case.

“We take as many precautions as we possibly can, I can’t think of anything else we can do to reduce the risk. The staff are more important than what is in the till.”

An appeal was issued by North Wales Police for information to help catch the robber. It said: “We are appealing for information following a robbery at newsagents in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno.

"The incident happened at around 8.20pm on Monday August 12 when a man armed with a knife entered the newsagents and demanded cash. He stole money from the till before making off on foot. No one was injured. The suspect is average height, slight build with a Merseyside accent. He was wearing a light coloured hoody, navy jeans and black trainers. Anyone with information should call 101 or https://www.north-wales.police.uk/contact/live-chat-support quoting ref X116352.