Planners have put the brakes on proposals for a new apartment block in Colwyn Bay following concerns from neighbours.

On Wednesday Conwy Council’s planning committee were presented with an application for a house to be knocked down and replaced with an apartment block made up of six two-bedroom self-contained units at 5 Grosvenor Road.

While officers acknowledged that issues remained with the planned parking arrangements – with eight spaces being provided, they were happy that the proposals would not provide undue privacy issues.

But Emma Thomas, addressing the planning committee on behalf of local residents opposing the plans, urged members not to use previous approval given for similar plans in 2008 as a precedent.

“It’s almost as if anything that was approved then should be approved now, but this is a separate application that should be considered on its own merits.” she told the committee meeting at Bodlondeb on Wednesday.

“Yes there were very few objections in 2008 but many of us were simply unaware of that application, which should not have been approved.

“Our objections relate to parking facilities and the impact on traffic, a loss of privacy and amenity and the disproportionate size of the proposed building.

“Grosvenor Road is the main traffic route for Colwyn Heights residents into Colwyn Bay and the road is already congested, the potential for additional residents will only exasperate these issues.”

Planning officers confirmed that around 20 letters of objection had been received by the authority and that while a development of this size would usually require more parking spaces, its proximity to rail and bus services and local shops would mean this would not be a necessity.

Members were also told that while the size of the bays would need to be resolved, as well as the layout of the on-size car park, they were seeking the delegated rights to approve the application on the proviso that these issues were resolved beforehand.

But many remained unconvinced, with one councillor describing the plans as “distressing.”

“I disagree completely with the officers’ views that they find the levels of privacy to be acceptable,” said Cllr Dave Cowans.

“They certainly aren’t acceptable to me and on-street parking will definitely increase, to the detriment of the area.

“I have no interest in what happened in 2008, we’re dealing with this application and this to me, will ruin a beautiful road in Colwyn Bay and set a precedent that you can make more money by knocking your house down and building apartments.”

Members voted to defer a decision to allow the official period of consultation, which ends on August 23, and a further period of deliberation.

The next Conwy planning meeting is set to take place on September 11.