A MUSIC event at a Llandudno pub was cancelled at 24 hours on the order of Conwy council because of complaints about potential noise.

It is claimed the ruling brings the future of the pub in jeopardy and the jobs of its employees.

Stephen Reese, landlord of the King’s Head in Old Road, received a noise abatement letter from the Conwy council last Saturday morning forcing him to cancel the Soul in the Sun event due to be held on Sunday.

He said: “On Saturday morning I had to cancel Soul in the Sun at 24 hours notice because the council issued a noise abatement order letter. The council has told me it had received complaints about noise from previous events. The letter stated: ‘During the observation visit the officer witnessed music so loud that as well as the music and bass beat, lyrics were also clearly audible, not only at the complainant’s property, but in the streets nearby’. But when I asked whether they had carried out any objective noise testing I did not receive a reply."

Mr Reese, who has been the landlord for 19 years, added: “I have also asked the council what noise level they would find acceptable, but I have not received an answer. I would like to know what objective test they apply, if they did I would work towards it.

“I want to sit down with the person who has made the complaint to try and find out what they are comfortable with and find a compromise.

“I explained to the council the events are a vital source of income for the business and the people I employ. The pub needs the revenue from these events to survive. If it closed five people would lose their jobs, my local suppliers would lose my business and St David’s Hospice would lose the money we collect for them.”

Mr Reese added: “In addition Llandudno would lose out because many people from as far afield as London come to these events and spend the weekend here and stay in hotels and spend a lot of money in the town. During the events we raise money for St David’s Hospice, we had hoped to have raised £1,500 this year, we hold out buckets for people to make donations when they arrive.

“More than 1,000 people have already signed an on line petition against the noise abatement order.”

Conwy Cllr Julie Fallon said: “I find it incredibly sad someone wants to spoil what has been a lovely community event for years, which has raised money for a worthy charity. People come from far afield to the events and their loss will impact local hotels and restaurants.”

Conwy council has been approached for comment.