BROWN bears at the Welsh Mountain Zoo indulged their sweet tooth with a large helping of honeycomb.

Two tubs of honeycombs were donated by Conwy beekeeper Keith Arnold to bears Fivi and Athena.

The Eurasian Brown Bear instantly got to work on their very welcome package.

The generally solitary animals were seen smelling, tasting and smearing the honeycomb across their faces.

North Wales Pioneer:

Keith Arnold donated two tubs of honeycombs to bears, Fivi and Athena

Peter Litherland, Animal Collections Manager at the Colwyn Bay attraction, said: “True to form, bears really do love honey in its purest form.

"We first approached Keith to discuss the possibility of building a partnership in the future between his bees and our animals here at the zoo, it was then when he mentioned he had surplus honeycombs that he could donate to us immediately and we immediately jumped at the chance.

"Not only do bears love honey, but honeycomb is something that they would naturally forage for in the wild is a great addition to their enrichment programme.

"This was a really lovely treat from Keith who hopefully will be back to the Zoo with more spoils from his busy bees.”