AN EIGHT week long programme of improvement work to pavements in Llandudno’s main shopping street is due to start.

The improvements will be made on Mostyn Street from the Carlton pub to Caffè Nero, South Parade from the Carlton to Seymour’s Café and St George’s Place from Caffè Nero to the RNLI shop.

Work starts on Monday 2nd September and is expected to finish by Friday 25th October, depending on the weather.

Kerbs and pavements will be replaced in the council owned areas up to the shop boundaries, which is generally up to the veranda or canopy line.

Cllr Greg Robbins, cabinet member for environment, roads and facilities, said: “The new pavements will be heritage style paving slabs, in keeping with the Victorian heritage of the area.

“The existing pavements are cracked in places and need upgrading, and we’ll be improving the council owned areas. We did invite property owners to join the improvement scheme and it’s a shame they couldn’t see the benefit of replacing the entire pavement area. I am sure when the business owners and landlords see the difference there will be a positive reaction. In the meantime, the work shows the council taking an active stance for the residents and visitors to Llandudno.”

Sections of parking along Mostyn Street and St. George’s Place will be closed while the kerbs and pavements are replaced, but the council will be working in sections to minimise this disruption.

A Conwy council spokesperson said: “Property owners were invited to join this improvement scheme, letters were sent to all business owners on this section of Mostyn Street, with a plan of proposed improvements and an estimated cost to replace the slabs on their private forecourt area.”