OLD Colwyn residents have been urged to express their views on a scheme for 450 houses a developer wants to have earmarked in the Local Plan for future development.

Cllrs Cheryl Carlisle, Brian Cossey and Bob Squire are jointly urging all residents of Old Colwyn to attend a the public meeting at the Sure Hope Church, Abergele Road, Old Colwyn on Monday September 9, between 5pm and 8pm

Cllr Carlisle said: “We have asked for this further consultation meeting, given the level of interest in the proposed 450 houses that a developer wishes to have included in the new Conwy Local Development Plan.

“The concerns raised with them to date have been around the shortage of GP's, oversubscribed local schools, huge development of green field sites, and inadequate roads and infrastructure.”

She added: “It is vital the planners and the Welsh Government hear what the impact of this proposed massive development would have on our village. Our GP surgery and our schools are full, and our roads are already very congested."