A PENMAENMAWR town councillor has resigned amid claims of a lack of transparency.

The authority decided in January to arrange live streaming of council meetings on its website. However after the equipment had been bought and set up, it decided not to go ahead with the scheme. This prompted Mrs Denise Fisher, a councillor of three years standing to resign.

Mrs Fisher said: “I welcomed the transparency the decision to broadcast council meetings would bring, but was disappointed when it was decided not to go ahead with the scheme, particularly after the money had been spent on the equipment.

“I am concerned residents will perceive it as avoiding transparency. The residents have a right to see the people they voted for represent them.

“The transparency was the main issue why I resigned.”

A council spokesperson said: “A recent council meeting discussed live streaming meetings. While the benefits were recognised, a number of concerns existed, which included an increased chance of inadvertent breaches of General Data Protection Regulation, or the possibility a serious illness or accident would be in the public sphere prior to families being notified.

“In a democratic vote the idea was rejected by three quarters of the council.

“The decision not to proceed with live streaming will not reduce transparency. It merely means the current high level of transparency remains unchanged. Penmaenmawr’s decision is in keeping with almost every other local council in Wales.”

“The council is fully committed to transparency and accountability and makes a wide range of documents available via the council website. It’s procedures far exceed those recommended in the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, and a recent Welsh Audit Office inspector complimented the council on the amount of information and level of detail it distributes into the public sphere.