[Pictures: Llandudno Lifeboat]

THOUSANDS of visitors once again flocked to Llandudno to view the sparkling Goldwings parade.

Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade returned to the town on Saturday, August 31.

The annual event has successfully raised thousands of pounds for the Llandudno RNLI, Blood Bikes and the Lions Charities.

Dave Crowley, chair of the Light Parade committee, said: "The eighth Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade was a complete success with 126 Goldwings both trikes and solos taking part.

"We feel that considering the mixed weather report, we did well to have so many bikes attend.

"The daytime display was well attended by the the public but we don't have the total count of the bucket collections or the sponsorship income.

"We had a display unit on the prom from Doble Motorcycles, Shinywings, Blood Bikes, and Llandudno Lions.

"In the evening we had 111 illuminated solos and trikes, escorted by four outriders from Midland Riders who specialise in motorbike parade escort," added Dave.

"We had 52 Marshals supplied by the Llandudno Lions, who kept the crowds who were observing the parade very safe."

The hotel - playing host to the event - was family owned Evans Hotel. Dave presented trophies to the various category.

The Goldwing Light Parade will return on September 5 2020.

Volunteers from the Llandudno Lifeboat supported the parade this year, with the inshore lifeboat going on exercise to please visitors who had arrived to see the Honda Goldwings on display.