BOTH Llandudno lifeboats were launched following reports of red flares being fired from a small speedboat off Rhôs-on- Sea in choppy conditions.

The request for an immediate launch came on Friday evening from Holyhead Coastguard rescue coordination centre after receiving numerous 999 calls from members of public, who had sighted red distress flares from a small speedboat approximately a quarter of a mile north east of Rhos on Sea breakwater.

The speedboat had lost power, the sole occupant’s lifejacket had been lost overboard and the radio battery was flat. In fresh and choppy sea conditions Llandudno’s inshore lifeboat, Dr Barbara Saunderson, was launched within minutes of the alarm being raised, arriving at the scene just over ten minutes later where the speedboat had managed to anchor.

Llandudno’s all weather lifeboat William F Yates, already on standby, was also launched to support the rescue. The casualty vessel and its occupant were brought ashore and handed over to the Coastguard Rescue Team at the Rhôs on Sea slipway.

Llandudno Coastguard rescue team were also on the scene at Rhos-on-Sea to help with the rescue.

A spokesman for Llandudno lifeboat said: “This was a service to a person on a small craft in a vulnerable situation which demonstrated great teamwork by lifeboat crew and shore crew all of whom train very hard for such situations.”