A STORM of protest has erupted over seagulls being caught in netting and left to die on the roof of the Llandudno Sainsbury store.

Numerous comments were posted on social media accusing the store of bad management.

However a spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We’re aware of this issue and are working to fix the netting to prevent this from happening again.”

One comment on social media said: “It's pure and simple bad management.” Another said: “The point is the netting is poorly maintained, and because of a poor management system of inspecting the roof it’s causing unnecessary suffering to the birds caught there.”

One writer urged people to bombard Sainsburys with complaints and added: “Netting is allowed to be used to deter birds from landing or nesting but it is supposed to be taut and not loose where birds can get tangled up in it.”

Another urged customers to: “Boycott the shop.”

One stated: “There should not be netting on the roof what a cruel way for those poor birds to die.”

Another writer expressed the concern: “I take it those birds have starved to death, so much for man's love of the wild, We are a load of hypocrites”, and another added: “There should not be netting on the roof what a cruel way for those poor birds to die.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said they were hoping to discuss the seagull problem with the store.

She added: “It is upsetting to see an animal in distress or that has been trapped.

“Any type of bird deterrence netting should be professionally installed and regularly maintained to ensure birds cannot become trapped behind or in it. We recommend anyone with netting installed on their property sets up a system to check regularly for trapped birds and to ensure any netting is in good repair.

“Problems arise when netting is put up incorrectly or becomes damaged, leaving gaps where birds can enter and become trapped. These birds become exhausted and are often badly injured by the netting and can sadly sometimes suffer a long and painful death from injury or starvation if they are not spotted in time.”