MORE than £800 was raised for animal welfare charities by a collection of show dogs in Llandudno.

The dogs: four Newfoundlands, two Bernese mountain dogs and a Chinese crested took part in the town's Victorian extravaganza and were subsequently on show on the promenade.

North Wales Pioneer: A Bernese mountain dogA Bernese mountain dog

The dogs were organised by Carter’s Fund, a group which raises funds by attending events such as country fairs, and rallies across the country. The money is shared between animal welfare charities local to the events attended.

North Wales Pioneer: A NewfoundlandA Newfoundland

Newfoundlanders are large working dogs with shaggy coats, known for their water rescue ability, strength, and gentle disposition.

Bernese mountain dogs were bred to working on the farmlands of Switzerland. They were developed to herd cattle, pull carts, and be watchdogs and loyal companions.

North Wales Pioneer: A NewfoundlandA Newfoundland

The Chinese crested dog breed was created to be an invalid’s companion. It is said they can almost read one’s mind and will lie in bed for hours without moving a muscle. They have almost no desire to go out and run around like regular dogs, although they are athletic enough to jump surprisingly tall fences.