SHE has been to the Barbados and travelled through the Norwegian Fjords, but for Sue Holderness - the fairest land of them all is the pantomime stage!

Holderness, best known for her role as Marlene in Only Fools and Horses, is leading the cast in this year’s Rhyl Pavilion Pantomime - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Holderness, who turned 70-years-young this year, is playing the Wicked Queen for her milestone year.

She will be joined by Andrew Agnew (Muddles/director), Laura Loutit (Snow White), Aiden Banyard (Prince), James Lusted (Smiler) and Jamie Legg (Kip) for the production, running between December 11 and 31.

The Journal were invited to meet the cast during a press launch on Wednesday, September 18.

Taking a seat in the theatre’s 1891 restaurant, Holderness - whose first pantomime was in 1973 - teased there may be a change to the usual fairytale ending.

“This year, there is a strong possibility that I might actually win the prince and Snow White might not be revived," she said.

North Wales Pioneer:

Sue Holderness will play the Wicked Witch and Laura Loutit is taking on Snow White

The mother and grandmother revealed that the tale of Snow White is one of her favourites.

“It sort has got everything,” she added.

“It has got evil, you’ve got to have a bit of evil, you’ve got to get kids to man up, but it has also got the very sweet love story of Snow White and her passion for this gorgeous, hunky prince, and she has to cope with the beastliness of me and I am horrible.

“We have real dwarfs - it is properly played - and of course, all the kids that have seen the Disney want to see real dwarfs. It is also filled with the most wonderful music, songs, and this year - very funny comedy.”

North Wales Pioneer:

Already conjuring up a spell!

Talking about her milestone year, Holderness said: “I am rather proud of being 70. I don’t mind it at all. I didn’t mind being 60, suddenly you had a bus pass and free prescriptions.”

Holderness showered praise on Rhyl. For the press launch, the actress stayed in the town’s new Travelodge.

“I only arrived last night,” she added.

“We got here about mid-afternoon and we went for a big long walk on the seafront, and I just think it is stunningly beautiful.

“I got up at 6.30am this morning, went out striding and the thing you feel immediately is the air. This wonderful, clean air.

“I am going to be here for nearly six weeks. I’m blessed.”

Holderness has been on 45 cruises.

“I am what they call a celebrity guest speaker,” she said.

North Wales Pioneer:

James Lusted's daughter Olivia stole the show. Pictured with Laura Loutit (Snow White)

“I talk mostly about my acting career and Marlene [Holderness played Marlene from 1984 until the final episode in 2003].

“She [Marlene] was such a gorgeous character. Terrible old tart, Peckham bicycle.”

She said in terms of the ‘fairest place of the land’ she has visited, Barbados would take a lot to beat.

“It is just beautiful. All those Caribbean islands are simply stunning, but I think the Norwegian Fjords are pretty difficult to beat for scenery," she said.

“I suppose one of my most interesting cruises is when I went to St Petersburg and it has given me a yearning to go to Russia. It would be quite interesting to have a look at Moscow."

Taking the spotlight during the press launch was Lusted’s baby daughter Olivia. Dressed in a Snow White costume, the six-month-old baby was all smiles as she joined the line up on stage.

Lusted, who is married to Chloe, is returning to Rhyl Pavilion Theatre for his third pantomime.

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Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is being delivered in association with UK Productions

The theatre and television actor, of Colwyn Bay, said: “The audience here are fantastic. I always love just seeing the children and their faces when they see the seven dwarfs - it is just so magical for them. A lot of them don’t see us in their everyday lives, they just think of us as these fantasy characters, but actually dwarfs exist.

“I have played this character before. He is a little bit cheeky, always smiling always having a bit of a laugh and a joke. You can have a bit more fun and wind the other characters up a bit.”

Lusted, who has dwarfism, has appeared in various documentaries including Myself, Born Small, Born Small: The Wedding and Big Love.

North Wales Pioneer:

The birds arrived at just the right time for caring Snow White (played by Laura Loutit)

The proud dad laughed alongside his daughter at the photo call, who will be experiencing her first panto this year.

“She has kind of stolen the show today a bit,” he said.

“I would love her to one day tread the boards, but obviously it is her choice when it comes to the age of choosing what she wants to do. She has the entire choice as well.”

Keep an eye on the Journal for more interview with the cast members in the coming weeks.

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