PEACEFUL protests have been taking place around the region this morning as part of a worldwide campaign to do something about climate change.

Students, workers and parents alike teamed up in areas such as Colwyn Bay and Bangor to demand action on what groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Bangor Climate Change are calling a "climate catastrophe".

North Wales Pioneer:

There was a good turnout in Colwyn Bay (pictured above), as around 200 people gathered with their home made signs outside the Conwy Council offices on Coed Pella Road.

Among one of the standout picket signs was one made by nine-year-old Alex Gregory, which read - "I'm skipping lessons to teach you one".

Over in Bangor, protesters have been marching from Bangor University's Main Arts building down towards the War Memorial.

North Wales Pioneer:

The notable Extinction Rebellion green boat was also on display once again outside Pontio as children from the likes of Ysgol Tryfan, David Hughes (Menai Bridge) and Dyffryn Ogwen (Bethesda) took part in the protest.

Jane Walsh, who is part of the Bangor Climate Change group who helped organise the event, said: "We are chuffed by the turnout, you never really know how many you're going to get coming along but it was fantastic this morning.

"What was truly amazing was seeing people of all ages take part in highlighting an important issue. Some of the children even stood up to talk at the end - which I thought was very brave, particularly as it was in front of so many people."

Not everyone was impressed by the rallies however. One witness passing the protesters in Colwyn Bay this morning said: "These children should be in school, its a disgrace. They might be trying to save the planet but they should be focusing on saving their own education first."

Gwynedd Council have also said that it is up to individual schools if they decide to punish pupils or parents for them missing school.

However, Conwy Council say they were in support of the protests from youngsters this morning.