THERE is something exciting planned set to awaken the dark winter nights this November.

Llandudno will come alive with a procession of mythical monsters, Vikings and an unlikely troupe from a Victorian circus on November 16.

Starting at 7pm, the new event for Llandudno - entitled Chapter I - aims to bring the ‘light’ in to Llandudno.

The forgotten story of the Great Orme will be brought to life.

North Wales Pioneer:

Chapter II on December 14

There will be music, special effects and a performance including community engagement and a ‘teaser’ of what is to come for Chapter II - on December 14 at 7pm.

Rachael Gill, Corporate Events, Communications and Marketing Manager of Conwy County Borough Council, said: “This is a new event for the town. It is all about bringing the history of Llandudno to life - with the Vikings and the Orme.

“The first element is all about myths and monsters and brining the light into Llandudno. There will be participants from local community groups and torch bearers.

“It all all about people with the procession. Thee will also be street entertainment and a teaser of chapter II when a building will be lit up.”

Chapter II unfolds with ‘The Mermaid’s Purse’.

North Wales Pioneer:

There will be music, special effects and as well as community engagement

This will feature a Technicolour tale of the Conwy Mermaid in spectacular digital projection and illumination. A narrative will be told through a series of projections by Illuminos on the strip of nine buildings running from the King’s Arms to the edge of Mostyn Street, opposite North Western Gardens.

Buildings will be transformed into windows on time as, from one moment the mermaid slips through the waves of the sea as Vikings give chase, before her shadow is spotted amidst a Victorian funfair where the reward for her capture - a mermaid’s purse - inspires the ringmaster to follow in hot pursuit.

Mrs Gill added: “It is perfect for the whole family.

“It is about creating mystic, intrigue, things not known about Llandudno, the Vikings, Victoria age and long back. Conwy Council is open 12 months of the year. It is about pushing footfall, this is part of that.”