CONWY's resident soothsayer of grind and roll is marshalling his forces once again to raise roofs and raise funds.

Emissaries of Syn bassist and altruist Mark Watson Jones has set his sights on the Idlewild Animal Sanctuary and 1in12 Club in Bradford for his latest all day fundraiser, which will welcome nine bands to Llandudno Junction Labour Club for Up the Junktion!

Bands from as far afield as Manchester and Liverpool will congregate for the event which brings together everything from stoner metal to anarchic acoustic punk.

Coming over the border are the UK spanning members of Callus, specialists in down tuned metal fused with thrash and sludge elements, headed for North Wales after appearing on the hallowed Bloodstock and Hammerfest stages.

Also representing the heavier side of English rock are Manchester's Follow Your Dreams with their complicated, dissonant and breakneck hardcore punk and fellow Mancunian hardcore punks Eye Licker, while Mr Ted's ambiguous mix of everything and the kitchen sink will make sure Merseyside is well represented.

From closer to home, of course the industrious Emissaries will be joined by political folk puns Red or Dead will venture down from the hills as well as Caernarfon's 70s rock, punk and new wave band White Ether.

Completing the line up are Wrexham's doom rockers Vetala and Flint's alternative rockers Violet's Leap will bring a hefty dose of prog riffs to sweeten the pot.

To enjoy a panoply of punk, hardcore, metal and more, head to Llandudno Junction Labour Club on Saturday, October 19 from 4.30pm.

Tickets are £7 on the door, with proceeds shared between the two charities.