MORE than 50 schnauzers have taken their owners for a walk along Llandudno‘s West Shore beach.

They were taking part in Schnauzerfest 2019, this annual event is made up of many separate walks all on the same weekend in October, with small walks and larger ones, all have two aims: fun and fundraising.

This year 72 walks were held over the weekend across the UK, ranging from Guernsey to Orkney, Cornwall to Kent, all held to celebrate the schnauzer dog breed.

Joy Shutt, who organised yesterday’s beach walk which despite challenging weather conditions attracted over 50 dogs, said: “Schnauzerfest 2019 was a great success in Llandudno with more than 50 soggy schnauzers and their owners raising more than £260 through our raffle and cash donations, with people also donating online.

“Those brave enough to endure the rain were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow, which made our walk very special.”

Llandudno will see Schnauzerfest return over the Christmas holidays with a Schnauzerfestive Walk.”

The Schnauzer is the original sheepdog of the Austrian Tyrol. Paintings and tapestries dating back to 1492 show dogs that are not unlike the modern Schnauzers. Because of its desire to work with shepherds and guard homes, the travelling merchants of the 15th century used schnauzers to guard their wagons and repel thieves as they travelled from village to village.