A KIOSK which has been a fixture of a Llandudno shopping centre for many years has sadly closed its doors.

Martin's, in the Victoria Centre, had been trading in Llandudno for more than 35 years.

Selina Satterthwaite, acting manager, had worked at Martin's for nearly three years. She took on the role after Andy Hall, who was manager for about 12 years, died suddenly.

The father, to Katie, died in April aged 54.

Selina said: "Andy was well known in Llandudno. He loved his darts and played for RAOB Club and he loved karaoke. Everyone was shocked as his sudden death. He was well loved by all the customers and a very hard working man.

"He was a tall man and everyone use to call him a gentle giant. He would always help anybody if he could."

Selina said the shop was the 'hub' of the community.

"Everybody use to come for us, even holidaymakers year after year," Selina added.

"Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had so many people so disappointed that we were closing.

"Christmas was the best time for me. Andy would always make us wear our Christmas jumpers and last Christmas, he even had a turkey costume.

"He was always laughing and joking with all the customers."

Staff have known for about six weeks that the business was closing.

"It was a big shock," Selina said.

"As I have known Andy for a long time, I wanted to carry on his traditions and run the kiosk how he wanted it to be run.

"I was glad that they had decided to close it after he had passed as that shop was his life and of course his daughter and his granddaughters."

Katie Hall, Andy's daughter, said: "He was really hard working man. He never really took time off.

"He enjoyed having banter with the customers, I think that is what made it for him, and speaking to customers such as the older ladies that may not have spoken to anyone else during the day."

Matin's comes under the McColl Retail Group

A McColl’s Retail Group spokesperson said: “Having explored all options, regretfully we took the difficult decision not to renew the lease at the Martin’s store in the Llandudno Victoria Shopping Centre.

“We are saddened to no longer be operating the store and our priority has been to support all affected colleagues.”