A SECOND Penmaenmawr town cllr has resigned from the authority in a little more than a month after another resignation from the council.

Former cllr Kara Prior said she has left the council after serving for more than two years because she felt she was being ignored in the council. She also said her my commitments at home have changed and now hasn’t time to be a cllr.

Her resignation comes a matter of weeks after another member, Mrs Denise Fisher, resigned because she felt the council wasn’t sufficiently transparent.

Kara, who is aged 34, said: “The reason for resigning is my commitments at home have changed so I no longer have the necessary time.” She added that forthcoming work on the A55 junction which leads into the town was discussed at the last meeting. She said: “One cllr asked what Penmaenmawr town council could get from the company doing the roadworks. I spoke and asked whether we should be asking what the residents want and not what the council wants. I was ignored.

“As the representative of Capelulo and Dwygyfylchi I felt by ignoring me, my community was being ignored. The cllrs were only interested in what the council could get. I think it would be fairer for the community to be asked and for their voices to be heard at the council.”

A spokesman for Penmaenmawr town council said: “On Friday October 11 cllr Prior resigned her position. She stated this was due to a significant change in her personal circumstances, which means she cannot do justice to the position.

“This will not impact on the by election of the Thursday 14th November 14, to replace former Cllr Fisher, but it will trigger a process to fill this second vacancy, which will begin with asking if ten or more residents wish a second by election. As is normal in these situations democratic services of Conwy council oversee the process.”

Mrs Fisher explained the reason she resigned was because the authority had decided in January to arrange live streaming of council meetings on its website. She said: “However after the equipment had been bought and set up, it decided not to go ahead with the scheme.

“I welcomed the transparency the decision to broadcast council meetings would bring, but was disappointed when it was decided not to go ahead with the scheme, particularly after the money had been spent on the equipment.

“I am concerned residents will perceive it as avoiding transparency. The residents have a right to see the people they voted for represent them.