MICHELANGELO’s last apprentice will bring his talent to Conwy’s inaugural Art weekend.

Dr Alan Pascuzzi, a painter, sculptor, and professor of art history who as a student copied 135 of Michelangelo's drawings, will be playing a role in the event which takes place between Friday October 27 until Sunday October 27.

The Conwy Art Weekend coincides with the 2019 Gweldd Conwy Feast and will offer a unique experience to local people and visitors to the town.

The weekend will kick off with workshops when Dr Pascuzzi will teach the ancient art of fresco painting, the same technique Michelangelo used to paint the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

On Friday night, St Mary’s church will host a lecture by Dr Pascuzzi on how Michelangelo evolved from an apprentice to become a Renaissance master.

Saturday evening will see a full programme of live music in the atmospherically lit surroundings of St Mary’s church.

People will also be able to see sculptures and drawings by Dr Pascuzzi at an exhibition open during the entire weekend.

The Conwy Art Weekend is the brainchild of Sara McKee who said: “I’ve been passionate about Italian Renaissance art since I was an art history student. It has been a dream come true to meet and make friends with an artist of Alan Pascuzzi’s brilliance over recent years.

“I know he has equal passion and joy for sharing his skills and knowledge so we’re delighted to bring him to Conwy to inspire and spark people’s creativity.”