A foul-mouthed street drinker whose behaviour has led to complaints from business owners and other members of the public was jailed for four months.

Richard Wyn Davies, aged 48, who gave an address in Abbey Road, Llandudno, pleaded guilty to breaching a criminal behaviour order in the town’s Upper Mostyn Street last Tuesday, four days after it was imposed.

Prosecutor James Neary told magistrates at Llandudno: "When he (Davies) drinks he becomes abusive and members of the public make complaints about it and owners of shops and businesses.”

Police had been alerted to the latest incident involving his behaviour by a Closed Circuit Television CCTV operator when Davies was spotted drinking by the cameras.

They found him on a bench by a roundabout and he became abusive.

“The defendant has been given many opportunities to help himself with his problems,” Mr Neary added.

Graham Parry, defending, said Davies had a chaotic lifestyle and alcohol was the issue.

Davies had slept rough and occasionally had an address where he could go.

He would like to enter rehab.

Llandudno Magistrates Court chairwoman Janet Ellis told the defendant Davies: "Only custody is appropriate due to your non-compliance, consistently, with court orders and previous convictions.”

"I am really sorry about this," the defendant told the court.