Conwy Council will not give a discount on council tax to second homes.

Members of the full council meeting on Thursday will be presented with options for discounts on the properties.

But the authority is expected to continue with its policy of not allowing discounts for second homes.

Under council tax legislation local authorities can discount tax by up to 50 per cent for second and holiday homes.

The second home properties are split into three categories, Class A which are furnished properties where there cannot be 28 days of continuous residence, Class B where there can be 28 days of continuous residence and Class C which are unoccupied and unfurnished beyond a six month exempt period.

Currently the county has approximately 1,459 properties out of a total number of dwellings of 57,426, which can be described as falling into the first two categories of second home.

The third category has 1,021 properties in the county.

Cllr Charlie McCoubrey, the cabinet member responsible for housings has argued in a report to members that there should be no discount.

He said: “Given the huge budgetary pressures facing this authority I fully support the recommendation not to allow a discount in respect of properties within Class A, B and C.”

Llanrwst county councillor, Aaron Wynne, said: “I’m content that the Council will not seek to give second homes and holiday homes in Conwy a council tax reduction.

“The council tax on second homes, holiday homes and long-term empty properties should be doubled, and the additional monies raised should be used to build more social housing and affordable housing in Conwy.”