A CHARITY supporting the homeless is looking for a new venue to host its biggest event of the year.

Hope Restored's Awareness Day was set to be held at St. John's Church in Llandudno on October 30 but due to unforeseen circumstances this has been cancelled..

As a result, the charity hopes another venue can step in to save them at the last minute.

Steve Bate, who has been helping to promote the event, said: "As you can appreciate Brenda (Hope Restored owner) and her team are absolutely mortified.

"Parisellas Ice Cream had donated free ice for the day, all the leaflets have been printed and are on display throughout town.

"It’s been promoted on Social Media, people have made many donations and been busy baking for it too. This event is Hope Restored’s main annual fund raiser in readiness to support people over Christmas - particularly Christmas Day when they cater for around 30 – 40 people.

"So with around a week to go it’s time to frantically find a new venue to hold the event."

The event is Hope Restored’s main fundraiser of the year and raises vital funds for the winter months. If you think you can help, call 07564991789.