Shocking images have been released showing pedestrians risking their lives on the A55.

Authorities have warned people to 'avoid walking along carriageways at all costs' after 35 reported incidents on some of the busiest A roads in North Wales in the last month.

Welsh Government has recorded the incidents along the A494 in Deeside, the A483 in Wrexham and along the A55.

Startling CCTV footage shows a pedestrian venture out into the middle of the carriageway in the Pen-y-Clip tunnel near Conwy - where the speed limit is 70mph.

North Wales Pioneer:

It has sparked a warning from authorities to stop the dangerous behaviour.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “There have been 35 incidents of pedestrians walking along the A55, A494 and A483 at various locations and times of day over the past 30 days.

"This is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

"Traffic officers will approach any pedestrians spotted and advise them to leave the road.”

North Wales Pioneer: