AN INCREDIBLE 19,000 people turned out for Llandudno’s firework display.

The skies were lit up spectacularly during the display, the largest in North Wales, held on October 30 on Llandudno North Shore beach.

Contractors Ignite Pyrotechnics Ltd set up the fireworks display.

Llandudno Town Council said the event was a result of a 'huge team effort.'

Cllr Carol Marubbi, Chair of the Town Council Fireworks Committee, said: "Someone had to step into my shoes [due to a personal matter], but we have all been working up to this. People think it is one person but we had to enrol a whole team.

"I've heard we had 19,000 people in attendance.

North Wales Pioneer:

The skies lit up in Llandudno 2019. Pictures: Carl Bishop

"Safety was paramount this year and we had road closures along parts of the promenade. This helped greatly, and we also had extra security.

"All I have heard is fantastic reports.

"The fireworks that we had, we had taken special care - they evaporated on impact.

"Adam Williams, owner of Llandudno Pier, well without him, this display couldn't go ahead. There was so many people involved, and it was a great success."

Commenting on 'worries' about the event potentially being the last one - due to increasing costs - and backlash about the event being hosted in October, cllr Marubbi added: "I do hope everyone appreciates the event.

"There is increasing costs. We could do with sponsorship from different businesses.

"I am very passionate about my town. We don't want to stop it, but this is public money. I know the rates are so high for businesses but they need to start helping. If businesses can give a little bit and we have a couple of good sponsors, just someone to help.

"We do get questions - why October? But we have to fit in with tidal times. If we did not have it then, then we would be looking towards the end of November.

"This is not the last event. Having 19,000 is amazing. I am so chuffed how it went."

Attendees flocked to Facebook group to voice their delight over the event.

One person said: "That finale was absolutely jaw dropping."

Another said: "Llandudno nailed the fireworks."

One person commented: "Another fabulous show."

If you have ideas or would be interesting in sponsoring next year's event, telephone Llandudno Town Council on 01492 879130