LLANDUDNO Coastguard rescue team rescued two females, one had fallen onto Angel Bay on the Little Orme and the other in the beach at Conwy.

Both casualties were handed over to ambulance crews after they had been rescued.

A spokesperson for Llandudno Coastguards said: “We were paged at 15:00 on Friday to the Little Orme where a female had fallen in Angel Bay.

“We arrived before the Ambulance, so we began casualty care, keeping the casualty comfortable and warm until the ambulance arrived.

“Before the ambulance arrived however, another call was received about a casualty on the beach in Conwy.

“Half of the team left and responded to the Conwy call before the other half joined them, after handing over to the ambulance crew in Angel Bay.

“The casualty in Conwy had fallen out of her wheelchair just as she had passed by some steps down to the beach, and in a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, fell down through the gap in the wall and ended up on the beach.

“We again provided casualty care before the ambulance arrived. She was handed over to the ambulance crew and we were stood down.”