BABY flamingos and meerkats at the Welsh Mountain Zoo have landed in starring role on tv.

The Wonderful World of Baby Animals is broadcast on Channel Five. The programme explores the lives of baby animals as they grow up, from birth through to their first critical months, examining their habits, behaviour, relationships with others and more.

Producers and film crew visited the Colwyn Bay zoo on several occasions during the Summer and focus on the attraction's meerkats and flamingos.

Marcia Azevedo Moreira, marketing and sales manager at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: “It was really interesting to work with the production company and understand what their focus was in terms of the programme. The core aim of The Wonderful Word of Baby Animals is to see and live life through the eyes of the babies and so the series presents things in a very different way.

“It’s great to now see the series on the television and of course to recognise our furry friends that are no longer little babies."

Featuring the Zoo in national programmes and initiative such as this is fantastic exposure for us and helps position us on the map as a great destination for animal lovers to visit and explore.