A FORMER tailoress has celebrated her 100th birthday in a Colwyn Bay care home.

Ivy Brown, who is originally from the East End of London, had her birthday marked in Wynne Crest care home with members of her family, and was congratulated by cllr Neil Bastow, Mayor of Colwyn Bay.

Llandudno owl sanctuary brought along two owls and she was serenaded by the town’s ukulele band.

Ivy she left school as a young girl she went to work in the cotton mills where she used to collect the fluff from under the machines. She was married twice, firstly to George who died aged 52, they were together 30 years. Then she married Albert and they were together 20 years. Ivy has four children Tony, Kay, Jan and Clive and she has 12 grandchildren.

Ivy has been described as being a strong feisty lady who said she would make it to 100 and she made it.