THE polls have failed to burst the bubble of Welsh Labour members in Llandudno - not least because of the backing of comedian and actor Eddie Izzard.

Electioneering on her lunch break from one of her two jobs on Wednesday, November 27, the constituency’s Labour candidate Emily Owen, 25, was joined by the transgender activist to promote an inclusive “campaign of positivity” at 3rd Space Kitchen and Bar on Clonmel Street.

Izzard and Owen met party activists and supporters, who along with regular customers and business owner Gavin Mart contributed to an optimistic atmosphere ahead of the general election on December 12.

Izzard, who had also lent their support to Welsh Labour’s candidate in the Vale of Clwyd Chris Ruane earlier that day, said: “I’ve ran eight marathons through Wales with the Welsh flag - as I did right the way round the the United Kingdom because I am positive about all communities, all people.”

Last year, Izzard chartered a helicopter from South Wales at his own expense after shooting Six Minutes to Midnight in Llandudno from South Wales to perform a benefit stand-up gig at Theatr Colwyn.

Despite being best known for a rambling stand-up persona, Izzard however arrived in Llandudno with aim of speaking seriously and straight to the point, addressing topics such as allegations of anti-Semitism endemic to the Labour party and the need to push the NHS to the forefront of the debate.

North Wales Pioneer:

Eddie took time out of a busy schedule to meet fans and Welsh Labour members. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Discussing allegations of anti-Semitism in the party, Izzard said: “We do not want to be a party that is at all linked with racism - and I don’t think the conservatives do either

“I personally fight very hard against that. I am someone who is transgender and has been out since 1985. I was born in an Arabic country and I perform in four languages and this is the party for me. We are against that, and I’m sorry for the people who feel marginalised.

“You must understand, I’m standing for parliament myself but comedy is not a building tool in politics.

“I want to fight to make sure that all people feel included in my worldview, so the comedy that is part of me is not a part of knocking on doors to talk to people.

“Real politics is as complicated as it looks and the simplistic politicians of the far right who tell us let’s leave Europe and everything will be fine, who have an obsession with one idea and are sticking their heads in the sand - I am against that.”

As a constituency that voted Leave, both politicians conceded that exiting Europe is foremost for many of the voters in Aberconwy, yet emphasised a message of improving living standards.

Miss Owen said: “I’m not just a person that’s out during election time, here for a nice few weeks having a nice time door knocking. I’ve been going around the constituency two and a half years and people are still really divided. They have very strong views one way or another and many don’t want to talk about it. They want it over and done with.

“So that’s why a lot of the other policies cutting through from the Labour party because whilst it’s so important that we get Brexit done right, equally, we’ve got a link beyond that.”

North Wales Pioneer:

Eddie and Emily fielded difficult questions on Brexit, anti-Semitism and Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Among the approaches Miss Owen wishes to enact to move beyond the issue are safeguarding the NHS, as well as refusing to use recent, controversial changes to nurse contacts by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board as a political football in favour of continuing dialogue between management and frontline staff.

Also chief for both Izzard and Owen were enfranchising the young voters by moving beyond Zero Hours Contracts, tackling income equality and lifting working families out of poverty in Llandudno and maintaining the area’s employment and business opportunities in the off season.

As for a return visit from Jeremy Corbyn in the coming election, Owen added: “It’s not a Presidential system and we’re voting for the policies in the manifesto, but a visit wont hurt and he he’s more than welcome here anytime.”

Gavin Mart, owner of 3rd Space said: “As a small business in Llandudno trying to do something a bit different, I really appreciate Eddie and Emily coming here and all they’re doing to support independent, local businesses.”