LLANDUDNO lifeboat launched the Christmas season with a carol service in the boathouse.

The lifeboat was placed outside and replaced by seats which were filled by one hundred and fifty, crew, volunteers, friends and family. The Llandudno RNLI family was delighted to be joined once again by the Cor Meibion Colwyn.

Everybody enjoyed the opportunity to sing their favourite carols and hear Christmas readings from several RNLI volunteers and family members including a reading for Christmas by Samuel the son of Jonathan Woodhead, lifeboat crew. The Cor Meibion sang a selection of their Christmas repertoire.

Canon Phillip Barratt, Lifeboat Station chaplain, provided a final prayer and blessing to the congregation and a special prayer of protection for the serving crew as they continue in their endeavours of saving lives at sea.

An invited guest said: “It made such a good start to Christmas, my wife and I were really impressed with the acoustics of the boat house, the architect really knew what he was doing. Cor Meibion was first class, first time either of us had heard them.

“But the show was stolen by the little boy’s bible reading, a star in the making there. It was uplifting and caused me to pause and reflect that there are greater things in this world than our petty day to day problems”.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said: “we are very proud of this annual concert, the whole team come together to provide a very special Christmas event for our families, supporters, friends and the local community.”