SOME council provided services in Conwy are under threat thanks to the authority receiving the second lowest funding in Wales from the Welsh Government.

Conwy will receive an increase of just 3.4 per cent in its funding while the average increase in Wales is 4.3 per cent.

Cllr Sam Rowlands, leader of Conwy County Borough Council, said: “We anticipate a financial deficit of £12.5m for next year due to increased pressure on our essential services, such as social care and teaching, and an increase in the cost of providing them.

“We have to have a balanced budget ready for March so we will have to cut some services and look at ways of raising income to bridge the gap. I know that all of what we do helps our residents in different ways so these decisions around cuts are not taken lightly and will be the subject of review and debate in democracy.”

He added: “I am disappointed that yet again Conwy and North Wales is not receiving its fair share of funding; four of the lowest five in the settlement are from North Wales, they are: Ynys Mon, Conwy, Flintshire and Wrexham.

“I’ll be working with the other North Wales couincil leaders to lobby for a fairer distribution of funding and to reinstate the funding floor.”

Over the next months, councillors will work towards agreeing a balanced budget for the next financial year at the start of March.