A DRAMA group has commemorated their 40th anniversary by installing life-saving equipment.

Civic Hall Amateur Players Society (CHAPS) have purchased a defibrillator, which has been put next to Boots in Llandudno Junction. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A training session on how to use the device, involving participants from the drama group, Boots and the local Coop, has taken place.

Martin Hill, of CHAPS, said: "Having provided amateur theatre entertainment in Llandudno and Conwy for 40 years, members CHAPS felt that we should commemorate our anniversary by put something back into the community.

“It’s a chance to thank our audiences for their support.

"Whilst we hope we will never have to use it, a publicly available defibrillator was thought to be something that Llandudno Junction needed.

"Worldwide, communities are buying defibrillators to supplement the stretched ambulance services. We thought it was about time that the Junction was brought into this network."

It has taken about nine months to negotiate the location, sort out the legal and finance issues and buy the defibrillator.

Martin added: "Boots the chemist have been enormously helpful in sorting out the legal and siting issues. The defibrillator is available 24/7 adjacent to Boots, and can be accessed by dialling 999. Shops and businesses in the Junction have been notified of the new facility.

“Anyone can use it - you don’t have to be trained.

"Welsh Hearts are offering an hour-long CPR and Defibrillator training to anyone in the community. According to the British Heart Foundation, for every minute it takes for a defibrillator to reach someone in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival reduce by 10 per cent."

Anyone interested in further training sessions in the New Year can contact Martin at martin1303@hotmail.co.uk

Martin can also be contacted for more information about CHAPS.