THE 2019 Six Nations Championship signalled a year of change for a deputy headteacher.

David Roberts, originally of Llandudno, was given some dramatic news on the day the nation was brought to raptures as Wales stormed to a gripping Six Nations victory over England.

Weighing 19 stone nine pounds, David - who took part in S4C’s health transformation series, FFIT Cymru - found out his blood pressure was alarmingly high and that he needed to drastically change his ways to save his health.

The father-of-two was told by doctors that he was close to having a stroke; his blood pressure was 193 over 124.

David, who now live Caerphilly, is now sharing his story to raise awareness as applications open to the third series of FFIT Cymru. David took part himself for the television series after his health discovery.

The television series gives five people an opportunity to lose weight, get fit and change their lives for good.

The 50-year-old said: “It hasn’t just changed my life, I feel like the programme has saved my life.

“I was one of the laziest and most unfit people in Wales - but I’ve been able to turn things around, so anyone can.

“I had no respect for my body, but now that I have, I realise that this is the only body I’ll get, and it’s important to keep it healthy. I can do things now that I couldn’t do a year ago."

After having his application accepted, David became one of the show’s five leaders, receiving expert fitness, dietary and psychological help.

Over seven weeks, viewers followed the leaders as they aimed to lose weight, change their attitude towards food and exercise and re-gain confidence in themselves.

David, deputy head at Ysgol Heol y Celyn, in Pontypridd, lost three stone and 11 pounds over the course of the seven weeks.

He completed the Cardiff 10k in September and is hoping to have hit six stone weight loss target by the time Wales begin their defence of the Six Nations crown, in February.

Anyone interest in applying to be in the third series of FFIT Cymru, can visit Closing date for applications is Friday, January 31.