A WOMAN who admitted breaching a domestic violence order imposed to protect a man did so after being made homeless, with a broken shoulder, a court heard on Friday.

Lavina Tynan, 43, of Trefriw in the Conwy Valley, and Mark Hamlet were alcoholics and there had been numerous domestic incidents between them, magistrates at Llandudno were told. She had allegedly wrapped a dressing gown cord around his neck and hit him.

But solicitor Karen Kinsey, for North Wales Police, said during the New Year period, days after the court order had been imposed, the pair had been at 57-year-old Mr Hamlet’s caravan on a site at Dulas in Anglesey.

Tynan was fined £50 for the breach.

Defence solicitor Deborah Davies said Tynan and Mr Hamlet, of Gower Road, Trefriw, had shared a property. “Both of them are as bad as each other, particularly in drink,” the lawyer maintained.

Tynan had been sleeping rough on the streets since the court order and Mr Hamlet found her. “They didn’t want to be together. He didn’t want her living on the streets,” the lawyer added. “She didn’t go looking for him. He went looking for her.”

Tynan, on benefit, “had quite a troubled life.”