PARISHIONERS in Conwy have won a battle to keep their church open by appealing to the Vatican.

The St Michael's and All Angels Church, were told it would close 11 months ago because of a declining number of priests.

However the Catholic Diocese of Wrexham has now been told by the Vatican the planned closure cannot now take place and the Bishop of Wrexham along with the parish priest and church authorities have now to consider the position. A spokesman for the Diocese said: “This means the closure of the Church cannot currently take place. The consequences ion have now to be considered by the Bishop along with the Parish Priest; the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese and the Diocesan Trustees; as well as the Parish Finance Committee and Pastoral Council.”

A year ago, as reported in the Pioneer, one parishioner said: “If they implement the closure, that will be the end of the church and people are very unhappy about it. They've just made the decision and as far as they (Wrexham Diocese) are concerned that's it. There was no consultation.”