RESIDENTS have complained about HGVs causing disruption on Marl Lane, Deganwy.

The vehicles are travelling to and from a development of 110 houses in a field at the junction of Marl Lane and Pentwyn Road.

In addition residents have said work on the site has caused a mess and left mud on the nearby roads.

There was considerable opposition to the proposed houses, by Beech Developments which was refused planning permission by Conwy’s planning committee but received the go ahead from a Welsh Government planning inspector after a public inquiry.

Cllr Mike Priestley, who represents Marl ward on Conwy council, said: “The application for the development was refused by the council only to have our decision overturned by a Welsh Government Inspector. That’s where I put the finger of blame for the mess that has been created. It would have still been a green field if the Inspector agreed with us.

“One thing which is absolutely astonishing me is all the heavy goods vehicle traffic to the site is allowed to use Marl Lane which has a seven and a half ton weight limit. I have already complained to Conwy’s highways and planning departments about this.

“I have had complaints from residents about the traffic, some of which is using Albert Drive. Work has just begun on the site and I’ve already started to getting complaints. I would urge the developers to be good neighbours and work with us to stop these complaints.”

Cllr Sue Shotter, who also represents Marl ward, said: “It's disappointing to see this development already seems to be failing with the management of the road, which is beginning to cause problems with road users. Unfortunately once again it seems to be residents and locals that are feeling the frustrations, and this is just the beginning of a 110 housing development, hopefully these problems will be addressed as a priority.”

One local resident, Mrs Philippa Milward said: “There is a lot of mud on the road from the big yellow diggers which go along Albert Drive. I don’t think it is suitable for big diggers to go along Albert Drive.

“I would like to know what the designated route is for construction traffic. I have seen a big yellow digger going down Albert Drive which isn’t suitable.”

Miss Clare Jones, who lives adjacent to the site said: “Trucks going to and from the site cause disruption along Marl Lane. The trucks are too large for Marl Lane.”

She added water has flowed off the field, where the development has started, in the past: “But the work has made it much worse.”

Mrs Rhona Wright, who lives opposite the site, said: “When the developer, built 55 houses in Marl Lane the road was completely blocked for six weeks, even the buses had to be diverted. I am worried that the same thing will happen again.

“We have wagons from the site leaving a mess on Marl Lane, already there has been mud all over the place. The developers Beech have not been in touch with us what is happening.

“We fought against this development for nearly 10 years, but to no avail. There aren’t any schools or surgeries here and they are building another 110 houses. There is too much traffic in the area at rush hours now, this development will bring a lot more traffic to the area.”

A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council said: “The contractors are compliant by using Marl Lane, because Marl Lane is the specified haulage route in their Construction Method Statement.”

Matthew Gilmartin, Managing Director of Beech Developments said: "There is very little construction traffic at present as most work is being carried out on-site to form the entrance and create visibility splays to the entrance.

Notwithstanding this, the route of construction traffic has been agreed by the Local Authority and I am not aware of any traffic using Albert Drive.

“Signs routing construction traffic have been agreed from the most direct point from the A470 up to the top of Marl Lane and are clearly visible for all to see. Both the Local Authority and the Highway department have approved this route. If for any reason the route is not suitable we are happy to look at alternative route(s) where required and where justified.

"We are not aware of any instances of debris being left on the road fronting the site and have spoken to the Highway Authority who have confirmed that they visit the site daily and are not aware of any issues."