A CHARITY has been launched in the name of a much loved PE teacher who went the extra mile to ensure sport was accessible to pupils of all abilities.

Delyth Wyn Jones, who was assistant headteacher and head of PE at Ysgol Bryn Elian in Old Colwyn, would have turned 48 today (Monday, January 20).

Delyth, a well-respected player, coach, umpire and chair of Colwyn Netball Club for many years, died unexpectedly on September 24 2019 of a pulmonary embolism.

The Delyth Wyn Jones Foundation has a two fold purpose - one of which is to raise awareness about Pulmonary embolism, a blocked blood vessel in the lungs.

Bethan, Delyth’s sister, said: “It is a silent killer especially for women and because of the stresses of life, the signs can get ignored.

“Delyth was a PE teacher and knew the importance of looking after herself, but due to being stressed, we think she associated potential symptoms with that which is understandable.”

The charity will also look to provide scholarships for sport activities for children and young people who may not be able to participate due to financial issues.

“The foundation will work to uphold Delyth’s principles and values that she had in her life,” Bethan added.

“It wasn’t about ticking boxes for Delyth but to help every child do PE.

“We also want to provide schools with a nag bag which will consist of basic requirements such as gum shield, shin pads etc to ensure children have access to these basics to enable them to participate in sport activities and improve their wellbeing safely.”

A launch event will be held tonight (Monday) at Colwyn Bay Football Club.

Principles of the foundation will be explained during the evening. The event will also act as a chance for friends and individuals to get together and celebrate Delyth’s life.

Bethan added: “At Delyth’s funeral, because it was so big and overwhelming, we didn’t have the opportunity to chat to everyone.

“It is not just the family behind the foundation, but a committee of people from various areas in Delyth’s life.

“Delyth was my sister and I don’t want to make out she was a saint - she could be a pain at times! But she made a difference. She didn’t just concentrate on those who naturally excelled.”

Delyth was the devoted daughter of Buddug and the late Gwyn. She was a sister to Bethan, Elen and Mike and 'Anti' to Tomos, Catrin and Dylan.

The passionate Everton Football Club fan was also a great niece, niece, cousin and godmother.

The logo for the foundation features a frog. This is because Delyth's favourite phase with the children she taught, and what they remember her by, is 'for the love of frogs'.

Bethan said: "The blue is for her love of Everton Football Club and the gold and black are Colwyn Netball Club, colours of which she was an integral member.

"We could either sit around on her birthday and be sad or do something positive and we chose the latter.

"We hope this is the start of something really positive and exciting. It is something that we want to go from strength to strength.

“My sister’s death will not be in vain. We want her name to live on in something positive for school children across the country.”

The launch will be held tonight (Monday, January 20) at 7.30pm.

There will be light entertainment and as well as the launch, attendees will get the opportunity to reminisce, chat and celebrate the life of Delyth.