A man who has raised in excess of £10,000 for the RNLI has been honoured by Conwy’s lifeboat team.

Nigel Rose, a local events organiser has donated upwards of over £10,000 collected from donations given at the Conwy Celtic Fayre which he organises.

Danny-Lee Davies, a spokesman for Conwy lifeboat, who is also a lifeboat helmsman, said: “Nigel began the Conwy Celtic Fayre events in 2011.

"The following year, he arranged for five coach loads of people to come from Birmingham, firmly establishing Conwy Celtic Fayre.

"The event has grown in strength ever since. It gives the opportunity for both food and craft producers to show and sell their wares.

“While there is no admission charge to the event donations are given and for the last five years, these donations have been exclusively given to the RNLI.

The next event will be Thursday April 9, just before Easter.

“Nigel has observed people are always pleased to donate to the RNLI, and we

are very grateful for Nigel's tireless efforts in fundraising for our charity.

"Without such donations, we would simply not be able to continue operating the lifesaving service".